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Moose Jaw, Central Butte, Rosetown

2 bedroom, one bath, at 703 King Street, Rosetown, SK
Sorry - leased until further notice

832 sq ft bungalow at 703 King St. Rosetown SK
This 1949 house has been left almost totally intact over the years. The only things that have been changed are the furnace and water tank; stove from coal/wood to electric; the terrible peeling bathroom tiles (but the bathroom was brought back to as original as we could get it); and a florescent light in the kitchen (which will soon be replaced back to original).

See the photos below for some of the 1949 built in features including recessed ironing board in the kitchen, “grenade” fire extinguishers, brass door hardware, matching chrome fixtures throughout the bathroom, piano sash window with original curtain rod and many more.

Tenant agrees to shovel the walk in the winter and mow the lawn in the summer.

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